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Awk arrays

If you want to learn or just check what other "tricks" one could do with arrays in Awk, here a suggested tutorial on the topic - look for "AWK tips and tricks" section on the page.


AWK arrays appear only rarely online in tutorials, and I found myself guilty of using arrays on my data blog ( as though I was assuming that every reader was comfortable with them.

This is not true, of course, so I wrote a 4-part series on the blog explaining how they work and how you can use them (see the "AWK tips and tricks" section of the Bashing data index page). One reader wrote me to say the articles had clarified for him how arrays work and he now felt more confident - always good feedback!

Please feel free to link to those articles on your AWK site, or use them as models for your own tutorial work.

Dr Robert Mesibov
West Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia 7315