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06.Bioinformaticians corner *

Right, at this point I always feel that I am failing to address the bioinformatician community. The examples until this point are absolutely generic, but I am convinced that the best way to explain or illustrate something is explaining it in terms of your own field of interest.

Here I found an excellent tutorial, essentially doing the same things or slightly different but on "transcriptome" /whatever that means/ data file. If you are an bioinformatician, I strongly recommend following the tutorial, which might be more beneficial for you rather than jumping in less common situations that I am trying to present here.

Just a teaser for the tutorial as an introduction to the material on the page.

AWK GTF! How to Analyze a Transcriptome Like a Pro - Part 1

It is really nice exercise for the rest as well /the ones that do not know what is transcriptome/. If you want to experience, how the bioinformatician feels doing the rest of the exercises on this page /i.e. unaddressed/ - go for it!